Backed by Merify's patent-pending network analytics. Automatically.

Merify's patent-pending statistical network analytics are how we bake trust and accuracy into our data with no manual overhead.

With each new data point, Merify re-evaluates not only the employee being reviewed, but the reviewer, and the full network of employees.

We use over 20 common sense metrics to determine the impact of each data point, and to provide a vetting rating for the overall results.

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Track any skill, technical or non-technical, in any industry.

Selected reviewers provide quantitative feedback anonymously to build psychological safety.

Each data point is weighted using statistics about the full network of reviewers.

Final skill assessments are given a confidence % using statistics about the full set of reviews.

Merify automatically determines the most appropriate level for each skill, and continuously adjusts with each new data point.

Skills-based talent matching that you can explain.

Merify's talent matching is not a black box. The logic for matching employee skills to specified skill requirements is clear and fair.

Transparency and equity are foundational elements of Merify's product.

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Let's geek out some more about Merify's automated people analytics!

Curious about the metrics we use to weigh the impact of data points and vet our skill profiles? Reach out with your questions, or to schedule a quick demo!