Make informed talent management decisions with vetted employee skill data that's always up to date.

We deliver our work in small teams and highly distributed contexts, which means it can be hard to get a global picture of everyone’s current skills—and to keep that picture accurate over time. We partnered with Merify because we needed an easy, psychologically safe way for our teammates to assess both their own skills and their peers’ skills.

The Merify team was extremely responsive. (They) had excellent explanations for the principles behind their design, and were also receptive to suggestions for improvement. Now, our company can more tightly define our key upskilling areas, and we have a clear picture of our in-house skills. With Merify, we now see new opportunities for strategic partnership across profiles."

- Partner at The Ready, a Future-of-Work Consultancy

Merify validates and highlights skills that have already been demonstrated on the job.

We build skill data for HR professionals that is standardized, accurate, and always current.

Since our dynamic skill profiles are based on proven track records, Merify works the same way for all workers, both internal and external.

We start with first-hand observations, then use statistical analysis to build trust and accuracy.

Selected reviewers provide quantitative feedback anonymously.

Merify vets the input using statistics about the full set of reviews for each skill.

Merify determines the relevance of each skill-level review using statistics about the reviewers.

Merify continuously adjusts past assessments about all participants with each new review.

The resulting dynamic, easy-to maintain skill profiles form the basis of all talent management efforts. And Merify works for both technical and soft skills in any industry.

With Merify’s skill-level data ready whenever you need it, companies can now…

Increase employee retention
by offering challenges and opportunities for development.

Meet DEI goals with clear internal mobility
by creating more career pathways from entry to mid-level jobs.

Spend less time and money recruiting
by upskilling internal teams and closing skill gaps.

Increase retention by investing in your current employees.

Track employee growth at any skill level.
Know where they will be supported and challenged to create better output and increase job satisfaction.

Optimize internal mobility in real time.

Meet DE&I goals by discovering new career tracks for each employee using skill-level data that's always up to date.

Identify team-level skill gaps in real time.

Know which decisions will have the biggest impact by understanding the skill breakdown of any grouping of employees.

Limit bias with vetted data from multiple, first-hand sources.

Democratized assessments focused on proven skills make the path to opportunity equally clear for all internal employees.
And for all external candidates too.

Learn more about skills-based internal mobility with Merify!

Curious about building a skill-based understanding of your employees that's trustworthy, accurate, and always current? Interested in piloting Merify's next product, and shaping the features we build? Send us your thoughts, or schedule some time to chat!