The real-time skills data you need to make talent decisions with confidence.

Manage your teams with trust, transparency, and equity using Merify's skill profiles - data that's ready to act on whenever you need it.

Continuous Feedback, Simplified

With Merify's simple interface and automated vetting, you can increase the frequency of 360 reviews, cut the overhead of collecting and interpreting performance feedback in half, and increase the trustworthiness of the results. 

Transparent Talent Matching

Whether you're building a cross functional team or identifying skill gaps, with Merify supply and demand speak the same skills language.

And Merify's talent matching is not a black box. The logic for aligning employee skills with specified skill requirements is clear and fair.

Transparency and equity are foundational elements of Merify's product.

Career Progression Frameworks

Roll out competency-based career progression frameworks in days, not months.

Your team defines the skills and proficiencies needed by role, and Merify facilitates first time skill/competency assessment.

After the initial level setting, maintenance going forward requires almost no overhead - it's all in the flow of work.

Individual Development Plans

Merify’s skill profiles keep track of the progress in real-time, allowing for easier course correction along the way. Managers and employees build skill-based individual development plans together, with clear targets and timelines.

Skill graph

Try continuous feedback with Merify!

Ready to gain a skills-based understanding of your workforce that's trustworthy, accurate, and always up-to-date? There are so many ways to use Merify's performance data to increase your team's efficiency and job satisfaction. Let's chat!