With Merify’s skill-level data ready whenever you need it, companies can now…

Increase employee retention
by offering challenges and opportunities for development.

Meet DEI goals with clear internal mobility
by creating more career pathways from entry to mid-level jobs.

Spend less time and money recruiting
by upskilling internal teams and closing skill gaps.

We start with first-hand observations, then use statistical analysis to build trust and accuracy.

Selected reviewers provide quantitative feedback anonymously.

Merify vets the input using statistics about the full set of reviews for each skill.

Merify determines the relevance of each skill-level review using statistics about the reviewers.

Merify continuously adjusts past assessments about all participants with each new review.

The resulting dynamic, easy-to maintain skill profiles form the basis of all talent management efforts. And Merify works for both technical and soft skills in any industry.

Quickly and fairly compare all workers apples to apples.

Talent acquisition that begins with skill-level data allows recruiters to skip time-consuming screening steps, like resume parsing, phone screening, and reference checking.

Sample Candidate Profile as seen by a recruiter
Sample Candidate Profile as seen by a recruiter
Sample Candidate Profile as seen by a recruiter

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