Know your strengths and opportunities

Merify is a transparent way to share your skill-based work history and nurture your career growth.

Merify’s Candidate Experience Offers:

Peer Coaching

Your peers often have the best insight to your on-the-job performance, but they aren’t always given the chance to provide that important feedback. Merify offers the platform for current and former colleagues to share this information.

A Dynamic Resume

Your profile is a living and growing representation of your technical and soft skills. Our patent-pending system is quantitative, easy to maintain, and elevates the voices of those who are most qualified to rate you on a skill.

Network Creation & Expansion

Create and grow a more meaningful professional network based on vetted, intelligently-interpreted, quantitative data. Whether you’re a freelancer or working in a full-time position, requesting feedback from colleagues is quick and easy.

Portable Performance Data

Your on-the-job performance data shouldn’t be left behind as you move on to a new role. With Merify’s platform, you are able to get an accurate snapshot of how you performed key skills in-role, that you get to keep as you move on to new opportunities.

How it works

Getting started doesn’t require hours of curating words for resume bots. It’s about you, your skills, and how well you perform those skills on the job. Here’s how it works:

Create your profile

Input skills & rate yourself

Input your jobs

Ask co-workers to rate your performance

View performance data by skill

Share that data with potential employers

Vetting Process

Merify vets the data it receives from you and your professional community to ensure the information is as honest and accurate as possible, while also making the process as transparent as possible.

As reviews come in, our patent-pending system vets the information against these three metrics:

Total Reviews

How many reviews have you received for this skill?

Review Alignment

How does your self-evaluation align with the community?

Reviewer Network

How many different people have reviewed you in this skill and how vetted are they?

Becoming Merified™

As your colleagues’ reviews meet more of the metrics listed above, you’ll see the system’s confidence level growing as a percentage within the shield until it becomes Merified, or 100% vetted. Once the skill is Merified, the percentage changes to a star.

Merify’s Platform Is Nurturing

We encourage you to explore how your skill-vetting changes at different levels. Whether you’re someone who suffers from imposter syndrome, or someone who subscribes to the popular “fake it ‘til ya make it” philosophy, our patent-pending system and your professional community will help you understand where you truly stand with each skill.

What's Next?

Our next product will expand upon the candidate experience to include an application for hiring professionals. This product will facilitate a new way for candidates and those seeking their skills to connect and communicate, using better data at the beginning of the process.

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