Shaun Thomas

Shaun Thomas

Co-Founder / Head of Brand

Dynamic brand strategist, multi-purpose marketer

About me

Shaun has spent the better part of his career with Nike, where he got to build and hone his marketing skill set alongside some of the world’s best marketers. He worked on campaigns and consumer experiences of all kinds, in both digital and physical spaces, with teams around the world. His marketing experience has been a bit non-traditional, which has prepared him well for his move to Merify.

Shaun’s passion for fostering positive, safe, and inclusive workspaces is what got him excited to leave the corporate world to try the startup life. With Merify, he gets to work with a small team to set those practices into the foundation of a company, while working collaboratively to build products and services that will help people grow their skills, networks, and careers.

Shaun lives in Portland, Oregon, with his husband (and Merify CEO/Founder), Greg. Shaun and Greg love traveling, spending time with their amazing friends and family, soaking up the food and music scene, and frolicking in the wilderness. They are proud parents to two wildly gorgeous rescue kitties, Helen and Jake.