What Is Merify?

With Merify, job candidates get a dynamic resume...

If you’ve been paying attention to the news these days, you’ve heard a lot about the current state of hiring and careers around the world. It seems like every day there’s a new article about the changing shape of employment, the great resignation, the global reskilling revolution, unconscious bias in hiring, the new importance of skill transference, or the imperative for increased diversity, equity, and inclusion in the workplace.

Change is overdue. The system that’s been used for decades to recruit, evaluate, and hire job candidates is fundamentally broken. Even with all the tools available to them, today’s recruiters and hiring managers still start the hiring process by eliminating the most candidates with the worst data.

Despite the digitization of hiring, the solutions that exist today are merely Band-Aids. Hiring professionals are still making decisions based on candidate-generated personal branding efforts such as resumes, cover letters, portfolios, and text-based personal references. Even assessment tests - a default diagnostic tactic in hiring processes across multiple industries - have been proven to be biased and historically poor predictors of future job performance

The global pandemic and the emerging skill-based hiring trend have only served to accelerate the need for a career industry revolution. It is now a candidate’s market and those candidates are hungry for a new language - based in their humanity, backed by their community, and with their merit as the foundation - to define their careers and identify their opportunities for growth.

Merify is that new language.

Our team is building a new way forward through a community-powered, professional skill rating and career growth platform. Our technology brings vetted, quantifiable, and insightful candidate skill performance data to the beginning of the hiring process, where currently none exists.

The Merify platform compiles simple-to-enter, anonymous, quantitative data about a candidate's performance on a per-skill basis sourced from their network of professional colleagues. The proprietary IP that drives the system intelligently interprets this data based on information about the reviewer and creates a constantly evolving set of data about the community. One review can potentially affect thousands of candidates' profiles.

With Merify, job candidates get a dynamic resume - backed and vetted by their professional community - that becomes an accurate and effective way to promote what they can do. They also gain the ability to see how their skill sets translate to other careers, as well as an insightful, nurturing look at their opportunities for growth.

Recruiters and hiring managers get something that currently doesn’t exist: a trustworthy, insightful, and less-biased way to form that important first impression of a candidate based on the candidate’s true merit, not their personal branding efforts, skill assessment tests, or where they went to college.

Rather than tossing the proverbial job post fishing net into the vast candidate ocean, a recruiter can rely on vetted candidate skill data provided by Merify. This ensures their searches only produce candidates who have already proven their aptitude for the desired skill set without wasting hours on irrelevant self-promotion tactics or taking ineffective skill assessment tests. It also significantly improves key talent acquisition metrics like time to fill and cost to hire.